Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco

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When you have been involved in an accident, you cannot afford to hesitate. There are many reasons you should immediately contact a car accident lawyer San Francisco.

A San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

After an accident, it is easy to make mistakes. You may be in pain, and you are worried. There are common mistakes you can make if you do not have an attorney, and some of these mistakes can be costly.

When you are not thinking clearly, you may provide information that can reduce your chance of winning a lawsuit, and cause complications with your insurance company. You may be arrested, even if the accident was not your fault.

There are many people who can take advantage of you after you have had an accident. This is one reason you must call a lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will make sure your rights are protected.

You Deserve Compensation After An Accident

You may be tempted to think your injuries are not severe enough to make compensation necessary. This approach is a mistake. In many instances, the full extent of injuries are not clear immediately following the accident. If you hesitate to obtain help from a lawyer, you may need to pay for all of your medical expenses yourself, or refrain from medical treatment if you cannot afford it.

Loss of income is another reason to obtain fair compensation. If you cannot work after the accident, compensation can cover the income you would have earned. This is important if you have a family to support, bills to pay, and other expenses.

If your car was damaged or destroyed, its value can be recovered. You will not have to pay for car repairs out of your own pocket.

There may be other out of pocket costs, pain and suffering issues, and other damages that may be recovered. The only way to ensure you receive fair compensation is to have expert legal representation.

What Your San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

When you hire a lawyer, he will conduct an investigation. He will gather the facts and evidence he needs to prove your personal injury claim. He will determine how the accident occurred, and be able to prove the other driver was at fault. He will obtain information from medical professionals to prove your injuries.

Your attorney can act on your behalf with the insurance company. This can prevent a wide range of complications. As you will not receive a fair settlement by dealing directly with the insurance company, do not talk to the insurance agent after your accident.

Your lawyer can build a personal injury case, and represent you in court. You will have the best chance of obtaining fair compensation when you have an experienced attorney working for you.

Your attorney can also provide emotional support and expert advice. Car accidents are stressful, regardless of the extent of your injuries. Whether you are worried about your injuries, your financial situation, legal complications, or any other issues, it is helpful to have a compassionate attorney on your side. You will know you are not alone with your concerns and your experiences.

Avoiding Mistakes After A Car Accident

As soon as you have had an accident, call your lawyer before you talk to anyone else. Do not discuss the accident with witnesses, insurance agents, medical personnel, or even the police.

You are required to report the accident to the police, even if the accident is minor. However, you should only provide the information that is required by law. You must provide your driver’s license with your current address, proof of insurance, and your registration card to the police officer and to others who were involved in the accident.

Witnesses may appear helpful, but this is not always the case. When you file a personal injury claim, comments you made to witnesses after the accident can backfire.

Unfortunately, the same can be true with medical personnel. Allow the paramedics, nurses, and doctors to do their jobs, but do not talk about the accident or your injuries. It could harm your chance of obtaining compensation, and you could find yourself responsible for expensive medical bills.

Your San Francisco Automobile Accident Attorney

Whether your physical injuries are minor or serious, there is too much at stake to not call an attorney. Whether the police officer advises you of this or not, it is your legal right.

As soon as you are able to do so, make the call. This is one reason why it is important to always carry a cell phone. Keep your lawyer’s number in your phone, and call immediately after the accident.

The physical pain and emotional stress of an accident can prevent you from thinking clearly. You may not be able to be objective regarding what to do, what to say, and whom to trust. You do not want to take risks that could make matters worse.

When you have one of the best car accident attorneys in San Francisco working for you, much of your stress will be relieved. Your lawyer can prevent unnecessary complications, make sure you do not make mistakes that could harm your case, and provide the emotional support you need during this difficult time.

After a car accident, your main concern should be recovering from the accident so you can move on with your life. Your lawyer can handle all the details so recovery can be your priority. Even if you do not feel you need legal representation, do not make the mistake of waiting to see what happens. Regardless of the extent of your injuries and the damage to your car, make the call to your car accident lawyer San Francisco.